How not to use a soundtrack…

As an independent film maker, I am also a student of film and the techniques used to create it.  Subscription based video rental is one of the most useful tools I’ve ever seen for this, like Blockbuster Online or NetFlix. I use NetFlix for one simple reason: instant online movie watching. Granted, it’s not theirContinue reading “How not to use a soundtrack…”

Movie Diaries 10

The Basement of the Hall Of Waters, 2 We left the boilerroom and returned to main area. Personally, I was mentally and emotionally escaping from the place; buried memories from a past life maybe, or just a simple empathy reaction of the plight of drowned persons everywhere, had wound me tight and I was readyContinue reading “Movie Diaries 10”

Movie Diaries 9

In an earlier entry, I noted my belief that we are making a better movie than PD wanted. This is largely because he brought in a group of actors who were given the mandate to create their own collective universe and individual characters. We’ve taken the premise of the film seriously and refused, out loud,Continue reading “Movie Diaries 9”

Movie diaries 6

The Twins Most of the preproduction meetings were mostly about socializing, so I stopped attending. When you’re making a movie where all of the dialog and most of the action is improvised, there’s not much rehearsal involved, and we had all the important stuff after the first couple of meetings. (This I know in retrospect,Continue reading “Movie diaries 6”

Movie Diaries 3

The Oirish Witches My friend Donal, a native Dubliner with a gregarious (sometime annoyingly so) personality and a great love for things technical has a phrase he uses to describe Americans who try to act Irish: “Irish with an ‘O’.” It refers to the awkward, Hollywood pronouciation of the long “I” sound, “oi”, and theContinue reading “Movie Diaries 3”