Movie Diaries 22

Watchers of the Greater Dark, Act II In the parking lot of the hotel where our meeting took place as guns and equipment are being loaded, we learn that Murphy was in the unit that investigated the disappearance of several children shortly before Rio vanished.  Such disappearances happened in the area every twenty years orContinue reading “Movie Diaries 22”

Movie Diaries 19

Are you familiar with the addage in theatre that if you see a gun onstage it will be used before the end of the third act?  MLD would fill a scene with guns (metaphorically speaking) and never acknowledge them again. Child abductions.  A hugely important plot point in the first fifteen minutes.  Brought up againContinue reading “Movie Diaries 19”

Movie Diaries 18

I can take a guess why it still figures in my world when it probably shouldn’t. For starters, I don’t have anything to replace it. But more than that, we all worked very very hard on it and it seems a shame to see it rot on Lance Mallia’s hard drive next to all the bondage porn and bukake**. There’s some good cinema there, waiting to be chipped out of the unyielding rock.