Making CubeCart 6+ Work For You (bonus: on Windows/IIS)

I just started working with CubeCart and I like the general aesthetic and workflow. It’s less needlessly complex than OpenCart, lacks the WordPress baggage and square-peg/round-hole feeling of WooCommerce. However, it needs some tweaking to work the way I want it to and it’s not that easy to do. Part of that stems from theContinue reading “Making CubeCart 6+ Work For You (bonus: on Windows/IIS)”

First Wedding Video

Several weeks ago I videotaped a wedding. My friend Lezlie referred the couple to me, and I accepted. I’ve always said no to that sort of thing because I’ve heard horror stories about bridezillas, but even moreso because itĀ matters: I don’t want to be the guy that people point at and say, “That’s him…that’s theContinue reading “First Wedding Video”

Contributing to the War Effort: Gimp vs. Photoshop

If you do a Google search on “gimp vs. photoshop” you’ll get more than seven million results. Of those, let’s say half are legit and/or not repeats. Of those, let’s say that just over three-quarters are whining about how the interface is different. Well, no shit. Different software, different interface. Let’s get qualitative.