Making CubeCart 6+ Work For You (bonus: on Windows/IIS)

I just started working with CubeCart and I like the general aesthetic and workflow. It’s less needlessly complex than OpenCart, lacks the WordPress baggage and square-peg/round-hole feeling of WooCommerce. However, it needs some tweaking to work the way I want it to and it’s not that easy to do. Part of that stems from theContinue reading “Making CubeCart 6+ Work For You (bonus: on Windows/IIS)”

I just fixed your computer.

Hello. I just spent about six hours fixing your computer. It was infected with several viruses, about two dozen bits of malware, and more than one thousand individual malicious registry keys, cookies, and Internet Explorer add-ons.  No, I’m not exaggerating. As a part of this process, I did the following things: 1. I ran noContinue reading “I just fixed your computer.”

Creating a Google-Friendly Website

Creating a Google-Friendly Website: As I do this for a living, I thought I’d offer a simple list for anyone who could derive some benefit from the advice. Disclaimer: the advice I offer here is based upon a great deal of research and personal and professional experience, but lest you misunderstand my intentions, I’m notContinue reading “Creating a Google-Friendly Website”

VPN, OR Non-technical people making technical decisions

My understanding of VPN was something like Terminal Services for Windows, and didn’t include getting around regional or corporate restrictions: it simply never occurred to me. I visited the website. Their website was a joy to read, especially after all the look-at-me’s I had to wade through before finding it.