…GoDaddy in disguise?

I have no philosophical trouble with adult pornography – as long as everyone involved is legal age and a willing participant then I say, write, photograph, video, and publish to your heart’s content. Or any other body part, for that matter. I’ll even help…I’ve got a camera after all ūüėõ

I recognize that, as a business owner, some quantity of my customers do and will have a problem with it, and I already know from experience that both of my partners do too. So, when recommending websites and tech providers I have to keep that sort of thing in mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I¬†offer into evidence exhibit A,¬† On their homepage, they feature pictures of Danica Patrick, among others, and links to videos promising “Too Hot For TV” (they aren’t, for the record.) I¬†have also read that if one parks a domain on GoDaddy whose domain name could be a double entendre, the search terms are as likely as not to point to adult websites.

Like I said, I¬†don’t have a problem with it in general. While nothing on GoDaddy’s website is truly pornographic in the general sense, to the truly conservative it might as well be.

In business that’s a problem.

I think Bob Parsons is making a mistake with his cavalier attitude toward the issue: if you read his blog, anyone who complains is dismissed as a prudish minority. What he forgets is that people are more likely to speak in support of something than against it, and those who are against it will simply take their money elsewhere. Like we are.

We’re migrating all of our online vendor activity for domains and SSL¬†certs to I pointed out, since no one else at the company noticed, that TIG¬†is identical to the way GoDaddy was four years ago: the look, feel, terminology, menu structure, product offerings:¬†everything is the same. Support emails for both come from They both have a 480 area code. The voicemail system, with the exception of the company name, is identical, down to, “If you’d prefer to hold without music, press the pound key.” In the same voice.

So, while on the phone with TIG¬†cert support yesterday, I¬†asked, “What’s the relationship between GoDaddy and TIG?”

There was a long silence. The dude on the phone hmmm’d and welllll’d around for a while working out the answer, and finally offered up, “They use our templates and support system.”

Bullshit, I’m thinking, but I can’t prove it. Not and get my work done.

I did some research, but don’t have time to really delve. I was wonder if anyone reading this knew if there was a relationship between GoDaddy and TechInfoGroup?

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3 Comments on “…GoDaddy in disguise?”

  1. anna Says:

    nice. you have a way. i like it.

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