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Movie Diaries 18

June 28, 2007

Well, that hasn’t happened in  long while.

Monday, I went to bed late (for me – about midnight), and then laid in bed unable to sleep until about 3:00.  My mind simply would not shut off.

The week before we left for Colorado I met with Lezlie and Dave (the “Gunslinger”*) at the Westport Coffeehouse to talk movie making and possible opportunities.  As it often does in these circumstances, talk turned to The Movie.

* Now that the jig is up, I might as well start calling The Gunslinger by his given name: Dave.

Yeah, THAT movie.  I can take a guess why it still figures in my world when it probably shouldn’t.  For starters, I don’t have anything to replace it.  But more than that, we all worked very very hard on it and it seems a shame to see it rot on Lance Mallia’s hard drive next to all the bondage porn and bukake**.  There’s some good cinema there, waiting to be chipped out of the unyielding rock.

I really do believe that.

(At this point, it would be useful for you to know that the movie WAS edited into a rough product by one of the crew.  No effects, no music, and at 3-1/2 badly-paced hours it cannot be watched without someone there as a guide.  This is not the fault of the editor, it should be said: he made every effort to stay true to MLD’s vision, and that was a mistake.  When you’ve got lemons like this, no amount of sugar will make it into drinkable lemonade.  It’s awful, and that fault lies squarely in MLD’s lap.)

** This is the last time I will address Monsieur Le Directeur by name.  Like Voldemo— er, You Know Who, MLD as I shall call him, shall remain forevermore nameless in my journal.

Anyway, back at the coffeeshop, we three catch up on who’s talked to whom, what folks are doing now, etc., and we all agree that the movie as it stands now is unwatchable.  Dave, who is AD’ing on a project for the National Geographic Channel and has worked on many, many movies over the last twenty or more years (so I take his advice pretty seriously)  leans agross the table and says to me, “You really ought to finish that movie.  Put it together, you know?”

Lezlie gives me that “told you so” look.  (In fairness, Dave is not the first person to say this to me.)

I had a hard time taking it seriously at the time.  Now that it’s had time to ferment, though, the idea has merit, and bits have been bubbling to the surface.  The water is murky yet, and I’m going to need a lot of help, both technical and legal.

I’m going to start using the Movie Diaries to help me track the thoughts in my head, and document the process for everyone’s collective amusement.  In a somewhat out of character move, though, I’m going to lock them to my friends list; you are welcome to read them, and I invite comment!

Every little bit helps, you know?

What kept me up Monday into Tuesday morning was a sudden vision of how to fix Watchers of the Greater Dark: what pickups need to be shot; what footage needs to be discarded and reshot; how to make it into a real and coherent story.

Next up: The story as it stands now.