Movie Diaries 13

Yep, thirteen. Strangely appropriate.

It’s been an interesting ride on this movie. Our original release date has passed. At one time it was reset to May of next year. I learned recently that it’s been pushed off to September to coincide with a gaming convention, though I can’t remember which one and don’t care to. That’s not my thing.

In earlier diaries I intimated that the producer/director was a difficult man to work with. Elaborating on this topic in any detail is something I will save for much, much later. He’s a litigious little man and I’d rather not call down the lightning until we are at a safe distance. Hopefully, that distance will come soon.

If there is one good thing to be said about PD it is that he is a tireless, fearless, and diligent researcher. If you need it, he can probably find it. He is not afraid to ask anyone for anything, figuring the worst that can happen is a polite refusal.

Temper this, though, with the fact that he is of the “Ready…fire…aim” school of thought – or non-thought – that makes him also foolhardy and reckless.

He has contacted several government agencies, several large corporations, looking for useful information and branding that we can use to add credibility to the look and feel of the movie. Yesterday, though, I believe he went a little far.

I will admit that my reaction was extreme. It was a knee-jerk reaction engendered of this post-911 world that we live in, where our government has empowered itself to confiscate anything and incarcerate anyone it wants any time it wants. I came close to quitting the project there and then. His request was simple enough: logos, branding, id prototypes, even equipment. Anything they’d like to share.

He had emailed MOSSAD, Isreli Intelligence.

Edit: March 15, 2009. It’s been not quite four years since this article was written, and no men in black suits have appeared at my door. For all I know, no dossier was ever created. There’s just no way to know for sure, is there?

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