Star Wars: Revelations A Star Wars fan film – well worth the download of you can spare the bandwidth. We’ve reached a point where technology has caught up with desire: gone are the days of double exposures, backwinding Super8 film hoping wind to the correct spot, gone are optical printers with their high-contrast re-photographed graininess. Nope, allContinue reading “Star Wars: Revelations”

Movie Diaries 2

The Grand Vision The movie has a simple premise: Cops meets X-Files meets Blair Witch meets Night of the Living Dead meets Aliens meets Uma meets Tarentino. It’s to be filmed like a documentary, we’re told, in the first person, so that the audience believes that they are watching reality. The actors are not toContinue reading “Movie Diaries 2”

Movie Diaries 1

The challenge will be to tell the story without revealing too much of the actual plot,not that anyone who reads my stuff here is is in much of a position to spoil the surprise for the Wal*Mart-Discount-Rack-DVD-buying public. Plus, it’s not like we’re all going to be wearing enough makeup to hide our identities. AContinue reading “Movie Diaries 1”